“The idea of being polyamorous is enticing, but few if any clinicians have the in-depth knowledge of its joys and challenges to responsibly work with these clients. We need a brilliant teacher. Now we have one. Dr. Magdalena J. Fosse’s book The Many Faces of Polyamory: Longing and Belonging in Concurrent Relationships is a thoughtful and deep exploration of the many faces of polyamory. It is a treasure trove for psychotherapists who are interested in becoming more competent in treating non-monogamous patients. Her advice to therapists about dealing with ethical issues and other themes common to working with non-monogamous couples is thorough and its tone is reassuring. Dr. Fosse’s writing is a pleasure to read, and with its vivid case studies and the inclusion of a glossary of terms, it makes a fascinating read for the lay public as well.”