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Dr. Magdalena J. Fosse
I am a clinical psychologist, couple counselor, sexologist, and AASECT certified sex therapist with extensive education, training, and experience in a variety of therapeutic modalities.
Sex therapy
Sex therapy

Individuals and couples seeking sex therapy may present with libido discrepancy, performance anxiety, or difficulty talking about their erotic needs. They may question their gender and sexual identity, wonder about kink/BDSM, or crave greater emotional and sexual intimacy. My aim in sex therapy is to help people understand and affirm their sexuality.

Individual therapy
Individual therapy

If you are in a life transition, or dealing with an internal or external conflict that is exceedingly preoccupying and distress-inducing, individual therapy is likely to be the right choice. In our work together we can address patterns in your life that hold you back and build a stronger foundation for your personal, professional, and relational well-being.

Couple therapy
Couple therapy

Relationship therapy may involve couples in a more traditional sense but can also include other partners, family members, or metamours. Understanding how experiences and traumas of your past connect to the present relational difficulties becomes a foundation for creating a better future.

Psychedelic therapy
Psychedelic therapy

Psychedelic medicine can assist the therapeutic process by illuminating pathways between the conscious and the unconscious with remarkable results. I provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) in my office, and I offer integration services for people who have used this medicine elsewhere and seek to tune in further to their experience.

Speaking engagements

As an author, educator, and consultant with expertise in the areas of polyamory and consensual nonmonogamy, I provide services to organizations and communities seeking to enhance their knowledge, inclusivity, and acceptance of relational diversity. Through my domestic and international speaking engagements, I cover a broad range of topics related to non-normative relationships. My aim is to foster understanding of the complexities of alternative relationship structures and offer strategies to navigate them successfully.

What would you like to know?


Payment via credit card or electronic transfer of funds is expected at the time of service. If preferred, you can arrange to pay via check or cash.

I do not accept insurance, but I can provide a superbill allowing you to seek reimbursement.


Please inquire directly about my rates as they are subject to adjustments.


I offer a 20-minutes complimentary consultation to discuss whether we would be a good fit.


Both individual and couple sessions are 50 minutes.


If you have to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. Missed sessions and cancellations with less than 24h notice will be charged at the full fee. As a courtesy to other patients who might be waiting for an opening, the sooner you can let me know about your scheduling conflict, the better I can serve all the patients in my care.


I offer both virtual and in-person sessions in my office at the Wellesley/Newton line.


I protect confidentiality of our encounters and will not disclose any privileged information without your written permission, other than in exceptional circumstances involving self-harm or risk of injury to others.




“The Many Faces of Polyamory takes the little known and sometimes controversial topic of polyamory and makes it a poignantly powerful story of people’s yearnings and bravery, vulnerability and love, fulfillment and heartbreak. Dr. Fosse presents a thorough history of this emerging form of multiple intimate relationships and addresses the emotional, psychological, and cultural issues that have given rise to it.
Most importantly, Dr. Fosse reveals herself to be a superb and compassionate therapist who truly accepts and honors those who bring their pain and conflicts, hopes and fears into her office.”

— Dr. David Treadway, Author of Treating Couples Well: A Practical Guide to Collaborative Couple Therapy


“This beautifully written book is filled with theoretical richness and clinical wisdom. It is a page-turner, replete with vivid case illustrations — many of which have unexpected outcomes — and Dr. Fosse’s insights as to what polyamory itself reveals about the longing for intimacy.”

— Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


“The idea of being polyamorous is enticing, but few if any clinicians have the in-depth knowledge of its joys and challenges to responsibly work with these clients. We need a brilliant teacher. Now we have one. Dr. Magdalena J. Fosse’s book The Many Faces of Polyamory: Longing and Belonging in Concurrent Relationships is a thoughtful and deep exploration of the many faces of polyamory. It is a treasure trove for psychotherapists who are interested in becoming more competent in treating non-monogamous patients. Her advice to therapists about dealing with ethical issues and other themes common to working with non-monogamous couples is thorough and its tone is reassuring. Dr. Fosse’s writing is a pleasure to read, and with its vivid case studies and the inclusion of a glossary of terms, it makes a fascinating read for the lay public as well.”

—Aline P. Zoldbrod, Ph.D., Author of SexSmart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life and What to Do About It

The Many Faces of Polyamory provides new perspectives on polyamory and the longing to belong in the relatively uncharted territory of nonnormative relationships.

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