Are you experiencing communication problems?

Are you struggling with relational/marital conflicts?

Are you dealing with difficulties related to diverging views on life, values, finances, etc.?

Are you in a life transition?

Are you dealing with betrayal or infidelity?

Are you experiencing conflicts related to your family of origin?

Couples/relationship therapy is indicated when the partners’ level of distress exceeds their ability to cope with the difficulties they’re experiencing. Each relationship is unique, whether it is monogamous or nonmonogamous. Relationship therapy may involve couples in a more traditional sense but can also include other partners, family members, or metamours. Understanding how experiences and traumas of your past connect to the present relational difficulties becomes a foundation for creating a better future. I aim to help you create and maintain relationships worth having, regardless of the format. This means learning how to be a better partner. It also means exploring and healing ruptures so you can feel whole, accepted, respected, and alive in the relationship of your choice.