Are you struggling with a preoccupying and overwhelming problem related to any of the following?

Relational difficulties

Grief and loss


Stage of life issues, including marriage, pregnancy, retirement, etc.

Involvement in an affair or the aftermath of one

Are you asexual and struggling with relational difficulties because of that?

Betrayals and transgressions

Gender questions and transitions

Dating problems

Professional and career difficulties

Cross-cultural issues

Medical illness

If you’re in a life transition or dealing with an internal or external conflict that is exceedingly preoccupying and distress-inducing, then individual therapy is likely the right choice. I work with individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, racial and cultural backgrounds, monogamous and nonmonogamous. In our work together, we can address patterns in your life that hold you back and focus on building a stronger foundation for your personal, professional, and relational well-being. Making a connection between your thoughts, feelings, and somatic experiences is an important aspect of the individual healing process.