I combine clinical expertise with a practical attitude toward the reality of life. My clients find me warm and accepting, and they appreciate my breadth of knowledge, flexibility, and dedication to their process of growth.

If you seek to understand yourself and others better, and in this process develop more effective coping skills achieving a greater sense of personal and relational satisfaction, we are likely to be a good match. My approach is holistic, affirmative, and integrative – I believe that only through an open and collaborative therapeutic relationship can we attain desired results.

In my work I emphasize the importance of curiosity as opposed to judgments. Being curious involves an ability to reflect on your motivations and the meaning of your actions.

Seeking therapeutic help is not a sign of defeat, on the contrary, it is an act of determination. Therapy is not only for people who are stuck and suffering; it is also for those who understand how meaningful it is to have a respectful and compassionate therapist at your side to help you evolve. I provide an emotionally safe environment in which deeply humane questions regarding relationships, sexuality, intimacy, and expansion of one’s potential can be addressed.